Misha about working with Jared


Misha: Maybe if Sam had given him that one hug… Maybe that’s all he needed to keep from going to the dark side.

"What has happened here?  We have reached new lows as a group.  Sebastian is a bad influence but we’re adults and we don’t have to go down that road with him.  I didn’t have to tell you a story about farting, of all the stories I have.  You didn’t have to ask that question and none of you would had to ask those questions." - video

Messing with Misha on set. [x]


Misha seems to be an expert on this topic [x] [x] [x] [x] [x

Fan: Jared-
Jared: [interrupts] That’s me!
Fan: Jared-
Misha: [also interrupting] You’re doing great, you’re doing great. You got it. Just a little more to go. Go for it.
Fan: [says really quickly] Jared, your hair looks really nice today!
Jared: I have to high five to that. Thank you. [to Misha] She got it out and you couldn’t say nothing!
Fan: But that wasn’t the question.
Jared: I liked it anyway.
Fan: Do you ever look back-
Misha: Well, it’s funny that you should ask.
Fan: … at a scene or maybe an entire episode and just think to yourself-
Jared: “Man, I’m awesome”?
Fan: … that you’re so annoying?
Misha: Touché. Well done!







"I didn’t know Jared did a male porn"

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